Art of Peace and Being Glad

Full of love and,
Visions of the future.
We set sail suddenly,
Out on an ocean,
A sea of possibility.
The current carried us near,
Puffed sails pushed us far.

The sun rose calmly,
But the sea grew strong.
It rocked our ship,
But we held tight, all along.
We chartered unknown lands,
We shook foreign hands,
And we met their fierce demands.

Soon we were swept back to sea,
Chasing some unknown destiny.
We longed for familiar soil,
But somehow ended up lost,
Caught in the turmoil.

We stood by each other,
Not knowing who we were.
Life became unstable,
Nothing was sure.

Quickly a storm surged,
And swept us out to sea.
Tossed, torn, ravaged, and scorn,
There was no mercy.
We were in the waves,
Of the Jealous Sea.

Kicking and screaming,
Hoping and dreaming.
Searching for air,
Or anyone that might care,
To show us up or down,
Or the way to solid ground.

We lost touch,
We lost sight.
We lost each other,
In the good fight.

When all was lost,
Nothing felt right.
There was only hope,
Of the surface,
An end to our plight.

Flailing alone in the surf,
We felt something.
Tossed in a torrent,
Of all or nothing.

It was your hand,
Your hand in mine.
We held each other tight,
A breath of air,
Hope in the night.

The storm surged on,
Washing away our past,
Washing us to shore,
Giving us a fresh start,
Urging us to explore.

The Jealous Sea,
Continued to crash,
Reaching for us,

It was peace we came to find,
Through a quite and focused mind.
We became the greatest teachers,
That we have ever had.
Embracing our imperfections,
Discovering the good and bad.

We honored our inner reflections,
Dissolved our flaws, and learned,
The Art of Peace and Being Glad.

    » blind is love

- -
blind is love
dark is light
lost is found
trash is treasure