never loved you at all

I'd kill myself if I could lift this blade.
It is so much easier to lie here.
But it is so hard to just lie here,
As you nail the coffin shut,
With every breath you reluctantly give me.

I am wasting your time,
As I waste away in this time.
In this moment,
Pinned back by your defenses.

The torment of a lover turned temptation.
Is that all I have become?
A foolish consideration.
A fleeting desire.

Hold your ground,
And you will single handedly,
Pull the ground out from under me.
Under me, right where you will never be.

You say you donít want to step back.
Well, look back to the lines we have crossed.
To the events and circumstances,
That have drawn the shapes we now hold.

I am still here,
I never really left.
And where are you now?
All I want is to hold you,
In a moment free of inhibitions.

If love is letting go,
Then it's you that really loves me.
And I must have never loved you at all.

    » blind is love

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blind is love
dark is light
lost is found
trash is treasure