remember your bloom

the difference between
a weed and a flower
is judgment.
the difference between
you and her
is in my mind.

i don't mind the judgment
but i don't see how
this love will flower,
if i don't weed these thoughts
from my mind.

as long as the moon
chases the sun chases the moon
this garden will grow.
and the weeds will battle
my perception
as desire blooms.

a flower so easily fades
to the need of weeding,
yet I have never known a weed
to come to flowering.

her petals have eluded me
and here i hold yours.
she will never fade from flower
but from memory.
a time i long to pass,
before i no longer
remember your bloom.

    » blind is love

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blind is love
dark is light
lost is found
trash is treasure