the smile she is

She stands like a sliver of light,
Contrasting the pale reality around.
A bright beacon for the illuminated mind.
Her grace ripples waves of clarity,
Throughout stale surroundings.
Engaging energy entices the eye.
Shockingly familiar in a flow of vividness.
Alarmingly comfortable with an ease of emotion.

Patterns as places repeat like faces.
Through such a limited array of people,
Her difference is comforting.
Not another splintered soul sharing awareness.
She is source, a primary being,
Like the few colors that comprise all that we see.

I am grateful, for I can see her.
A radiant heart in a mask of uncommon beauty.
A mind not heavy with her genius.
A soul not soured by her own sweetness.
Eyes bright and open, like the smile she is.

    » blind is love

- -
blind is love
dark is light
lost is found
trash is treasure