of my own creation

What's this life for?
Why do I feel like I have been beaten on the shore?
What's the point here?
Why do I live, constantly in fear?
Whats my mission to be?
Why can't I find a little clarity?
Where's my Love at?
Why can't I stop thinking about that?
Who's here to help me?
I'm all alone, wont I ever see?
Why wont time stop?
I want to give up and fall to a dead drop.
Where is this pain from?
It's driving me crazy, making me dumb.
What do I do now?
Why wont anyone just show me how?
Why can't I let anything go?
It's all in me, but I really don't know.
I just need a little inspiration,
I live in a dissapointment of my own creation.

    » lost is found

- -
blind is love
dark is light
lost is found
trash is treasure