ever patiently

Don't let me regret not kissing you,
In days and nights and dreams,
It is all I want to do.

I wont lie and tell you,
That it is not hard to feel like this.
To be without you,
And watch
As you slip a stray,
Slip down this way.

I was there and you were happy,
Under blue sky, full moon, and sacred tree.
You were so happy with me.
But, if I donít have you,
I only hope,
That happiness does.

I know it is hard where you are standing,
The world has turned so cold and demanding.
You even have demands of your own,
Thank you for making them known.

A friend you want and a friend I'll be.
I would let go of that night,
But the regrets are killing me.

If I kissed you then, would I be kissing you now?
Or would your lips turn cold,
From his sworn scold.
Could they be as cold as we are now?

Warm in our arms we were.
That night I was sincere,
of that at least, I am sure.
So, a friend you need and a friend I'll be.

Flexibility, something like bending the mind.
Such an ability that is often hard to find.

Yet, here I am,
As bent as can be.
And here I will wait,
Ever patiently.

    » trash is treasure

- -
blind is love
dark is light
lost is found
trash is treasure