The pulse of the earth thundered in my chest, pounding in perfect succession with the relentless hands of time.
The surreal surroundings sequenced with the dream like state. Sweat poured from the safety glass as the heated air weighed with moisture and perfume clung magnetically to all exposed surfaces.
Darkness bathed in its hidden light, adding to the security of the enclosure. The great noise of night’s perpetual silence muffled the urgent need for oxygen.
Excitement anxiously ran under my skin, supplying me with the feeling moments before a death defying leap.
Life had reached a timeless continuum of uncertainty. Never before had there ever been such a burn to live.
The anxious anticipation of now, the present was, is present, a gifted moment of pure fantasy and disbelief. When now is so incredibly perfect and real, that it can’t possibly be real. But it is, a rush of realization comes with acceptance.
Here I am, in a world never known. In an inconceivable acceptance. Nowhere would I rather be then here and now.
Earth’s thunder echoed as I realized my heart was still beating. The tremble of life nervously returned to my damp palms, they sought and searched for a soul's sensation.
An arc of emotion jumped the gap, long before a physical connection was made. Anticipation lingered on the second souls side.
Firmly confirming the feeling with a feathery squeeze. The intensity tripled and sensual sensations soared.
An image of pure beauty flashed before my hungry eyes. Darkness returned but the angelic vision remained vivid.
A fragile face focused peacefully on passion. The image returned as dramatically as it had disappeared. Never had I ever witnessed such a beauty at peace.
Our lips twisted together, rhythmically in fluid motion.
Drinking such sweetness seemed so sacred, the taste of Love overwhelmed my body.
I paused, my chest burning with anxiety, trying desperately to formulate the feelings I have for the divine creature before me.
Her long lashes stirred, slowly unveiling her soul, I froze, gazing deeply into the green definition of life.
I lost all comprehension, melted into her, and accepted my defeat.
I knew I couldn’t wait another day, but I lacked the courage to say, “I love you.”

    » trash is treasure

- -
blind is love
dark is light
lost is found
trash is treasure