let her

Let there be light,
To rain down on this beautiful site
Let her face shine and smile,
And feel happy and safe for a while.
Let her feel warm, Love, and care,
And know that someone will always be there.
Let her dress up and go out,
And know what the romantic life is all about.
Let her realize and know,
That she is beautiful and will glow.
Let her feel what it's like to be free,
To be in control of her life and eternity.
Let her be in charge of her choices,
to decern the validity of others voices.
Let her feel and know true Love,
Explore life's greatest gift from above.
Let her skin tingle from someone's touch,
And know what it's like to miss it so, so much.
Let her stand far above the wavey waters edge,
And feel safe, because he wont her fall over the ledge.
Let her spend the night staring up at the stars,
Sharing her dreams, fantasies, even favorite cars.

Let her spend the day deep in the forest,
And feel the surprise of roses from the florist.
Let her feel the inspiration of a sun rise,
Watching the birth of day with a twinkle in her eyes.
Let her feel Love's warm aching,
She'll know she's in Love when her knees are shaking.
Let her know, that the best things in life are free,
Greater yet are those you cannot see.
Let her know Love she can truley feel,
To wake up in the morning and know it's real.
Let her have warmth in the burning cold,
To have someone to curl up with and hold.
Let her know that she is never alone,
Even at two am she can call up on the phone.
Let her feel comfortable at all times,
Even when she's the center of explicit rhymes.
Let her know that she can never do wrong,
It will only ass another line to life's song.
Let her find someone to make her truley happy,
Please lord, let her find this quickly.

    » trash is treasure

- -
blind is love
dark is light
lost is found
trash is treasure