I want a love
I want a love that will set me above
Above all Ive had
Or thought, which ended bitter and sad
I want a love of inspire
Oh what Id give to feel that fire
Electrically connected by gold-plated wire
I want a love so strong
Strong enough to redefine the love song
So natural,we must have been in love all along
Oh I want a love,
Please grace me from above
I want a love to cry for
I want a love to die for
Feel the rush people skydive for
I want love and nothing more
I would be rich in love
And forever be poor
I would take love
And beg in front of a store
I have always been sliding back
I want a love
So I want to get on track
To show them I can be loud
I want a love
A love to make proud

    » trash is treasure

- -
blind is love
dark is light
lost is found
trash is treasure