oh shit

Happiness comes from the biggest pile of shit.
Long life stems from the wettest pile of shit.
Love is found lingering on a pile of shit.
Life's grand moments tend to stink a little bit.

Swarms are attracted to new shit.
Swarms follow interesting shit.
Swarms are controlled by the shit.
He who owns the shit, controls for a little bit.

Oh lord of the flies,
Feed the swarm lies,
As long as cows make pies,
And the sun still lights the skies,
It will always be a surprise.

Flies aren't shit, without shit.
Others won't here nothing of it.
He fly who does die with the most shit will win,
Too bad for us, in two days it doesn't rebegin.

    » trash is treasure

- -
blind is love
dark is light
lost is found
trash is treasure