sun set

i cant write if i try
i cant find if i look
i let go, without thinking why
and that's all it took
i sat watching the sunset
i sat thinking of you
how does it move so fast
once an edge is out of site
how long can anything last
that came about in just one night
if i drove towards the horizon
chasing the sun
how much light would that buy me?
and what would it be without the dark
if the light shown endlessly
but what if i was afraid
of the dark
and relied on what the sun made
what if i never let go
I would be so afraid
Id have no control
no way to bring the light back
but wait....
the sun did not dissapear
i really have nothing
to fear
what if i let go
breathe and relax
and let the sun
follow its own tracks
the light will be back
when the day is new
i have nothing to fear
neither do you
trust me
as you trust you will see
the next sun
for there is only one

    » trash is treasure

- -
blind is love
dark is light
lost is found
trash is treasure