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dear tv diary:
     As you can see, I don't watch much tv. I like to watch movies, but not tv. This is due to the fact that tv is a constant subliminal advertising. It consists of tv shows and commercials that make people think and feel in certain fashions. Here is a simple analogy: a computer is no more then an expensive paper weight until it is loaded with an operating system and software; this is programming. The computer can then function and thus act as directed. People who treat their tv like a close companion, a friend who is always there, or a device to fill a void in their lives, are all susceptible to being programed by their televisions.

     People begin to think and act in a conformed unity based on demographics and lifestyles, which coincide with the tv shows they watch. People act and think in a certain way based on what they watch, people watch what they do because they act and think in a certain way. You may feel that this is an over-generalized assumption or even a personal attack directed towards you, it's neither. It is the plan and simple truth. Case in point: what is the purpose of these tv ratings? Why do I need to tell you my race/work schedule/ect? Because someone needs to determine the effectiveness of the current television broadcast [programming].
    I honestly feel that there are some quality/talented individuals on these tv shows, and they bring up interesting or even humorous perspectives. But there are much more effective means of living your life and having experiences, e.g. by living your life and having experiences. That is the only purpose of life, what else is there? The past no longer exits, you cannot go there. You are never IN the past. The future does no yet exist, you cannot go there, you are not YET there. The only place you ever are is in the present. Now. This is where you always are. All you are or think you own, or consist of, or could possibly experience, dwells in the present, because as we have discussed, it is the only place you are.

    My point is this: life need not consist of working long and hard all day, coming home and watching tv to relax. Then going to bed to get up and work the next day. Yes, I am ware that not everyone does this. But there are millions of fine people who are not living as they could.

    Read a book, ride a bike, climb a tree. Do that ONE thing that you always say you would do if you had the time, MAKE TIME. If money was no object and you could do whatever you wanted, what would it be? Then do that. Do what you love and the money will follow. Knowledge is useless unless it is shared. Your talents are useless unless they are used. Be of service to humanity and life will take care of you.