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RE: in love

so.. are we talking about a big tank? do we stand there together holding hands, with the metallic sides marked in skew, as if to be stamped, with the message 'love'? is that what we are in?

or is it a union of many, a place to gather, under angled roofs with high beams as ceilings? do the many rows of benches waiting for sunday sessions to gather mark or define this place of 'love'? is that what we are in?

or is it an open airy land? a place with green grass and sweet breezes? is this the 'love' you speak of? is that what we are in?

or is it the tele-location shared by millions of political power forces armed with lazy boys and remotes? are we in the 'love' they so religiously watch and control and believe in like the ends of their thumbs? is that what we are in?

or is it much grander, as in the premier screen with a 16 by 9 aspect ratio? are we so fabulously entertained by the marvel of minds and movies? does the loyalty of actors best portray this romance? is that what we are in?

or is it softer? is it unbounded? is our 'love' more diverse? more flowing? are we in a state of airy light bubbles and fluffy blue skies? do we mark the celestial union of beings dancing endlessly as cosmic dust? are we in this together? together as one, to float in our cocoon of infinity? is that what we are in?

or does it even exist? this that we are in, 'love'? can we go there? do you have the latest directions to this ever flowing destination that remains source? are we there now? you so far from this body of mine, yet are we still there? in this place called 'love'? is that where we are?

or is this all a game? are we all playing together? whoís keeping score? whoís keeping track? does cheating really get you ahead? or does it pull you kicking and screaming back? is this a love of check marks and little boxes? magazine quizzes and talk shows with real people with real stories? is this a game of society says? is that what we are in?

or is it all just another 'state of mind'? an altered consciousness soon to be regulated and deemed proprietary? will are lease expire? shall i cling helplessly to what is? how do i hold onto that which i am in? or a part of? shall i let go? shall i turn my back now releasing the tether i so much adore? has this socratic dialog brought me out? am i no longer in? is that where we are?

or shall i just keep breathing? and being? laughing, crying, and living? shall i let go AND hold on? shall i jump out AND get in? shall i just be and do and let this 'love' win? i sure donít want to fight, just as sure as i donít want to loose, is this really game? how can two lone souls battle the forces of life? how do we escape the fear? how do we overcome the restlessness and potential tear? am i so confused because i havenít read all the right books? have i not lived enough life? is this a test for our grand perpetual existence of love with all those who have lived before? is that what this is?

here i am, this is my love. this is my love for you. i know myself and there is no more to know beyond that and what i believe. i believe i am in love with you, there for i am.