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life is a river

      The river of life has a significant current and direction
as it meanders and slows and speeds and twists through the scenery of life.
There is no clear destination or end to this river for the significance is in the journey;
in the experience itself.
At times we may want to travel in a specific direction, or yearn for our desired destination,
and it becomes a strain to simply let go, relax, and let the current carry you.
We may twist and turn and resist and burn as our vehicle of freedom becomes one of confinement,
as it carry's us away from an experience we do not want to part with,
or towards a situation we cannot bear to face.
To turn around and paddle against the flow is endlessly exhausting
where every moment becomes eternal and tragic.

Let go.
And be free. For in complete freedom there is no responsibility, there is no judgment
nor is there any expectation. And without expectation there is no disappointment.
We are completely free if we allow the river to carry us.
We are completely safe if we do not resist, panic, flail; but float.
Float with freedom and enjoy your journey.
Swim with the current and glide in ecstasy as you meet no resistance.
Allow yourself to intuitively navigate from bank to bank, experience to experience.
If you meet resistance just let go.
You will move on.